I go up the same time every morning, at 7:30 am and am in the office some half an hour later. There, the working day begins by reviewing notes from yesterday and scrolling through the news flow.

When the stock exchange opens, it is time to start trading, until closing. Then he stays in the office for a while and summarizes the day.

But the working day does not end there. Interest in day trading has increased significantly in recent years and more and more traders have emerged. But there is no dance on roses. There is hard work behind every successful day trades.

“The big misconception is that the job is very glamorous, that you press a few buttons and make lots of money. Sure, some may have a more glamorous lifestyle than others, but generally they are most traders at home or in office and work all day” .

“Sometimes you sit and stare at the screens for several hours without any good location showing up. Personally, I am completely exhausted after a trading day”.

Even the journey towards the dream of being able to feed as day trades is tough for most people. There are no small amounts required to be able to take the risk and resign from work and start trading full time.

“I do not think you should be too eager to resign from work. However, you can start with swing trotting, which does not require as much activity and works to combine with a traditional work”.

“If you succeed in becoming profitable within swing trading, you can move on to the next step, daytrading. But you should have realistic expectations, nine out of ten do not reach all the way”.

That so few succeed with day trading is largely about many of them lacking the right qualities. Personality is an extremely important part of successful day trading. “You have to be dictated and persistent but above all have an interest. It is a high threshold for profitability, and in order to get over it you have to spend a lot of time”.

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