As a day trader, you need every advantage that you can get towards other traders and investors. An important part of this is to use the best possible software to make your life as easy as possible. Which software you choose to use is up to you and your budget.

You need a software or trading platform that makes it as easy as possible to carry out the business you want to do. Buying and selling shares through the broker’s web interface is rarely a good option for you as a day trader. A software that allows you to perform transactions directly from your desktop and ideally integrates into your other software. Many brokers offer platforms that you can download. However, there are many, often better, software from other manufacturers that it may be worth buying. One of the great advantages of software from independent developers is that they allow one to place orders with several different brokers from the same platform. They also often allow scheduled orders and other forms of automatic trading.

Myself prefer to be able to trade wherever I am, therefor I want to have a great mobile software. There is a website called ForextradingAU which offers a great list of the best forex trading apps in Australia to start with.

Also, what is really good to do is to follow the news at all times. Myself prefer to look at a website called: The Sidney Morning Herald that have awesome updated news.

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